A Newfound Me

Hills of Light front cover

A Newfound Me, by Dr. Gary Altheim (pages 9-12)

Hills of Light Ronald Collins,Editor

Hills of Light Back Cover

A Newfound Me! by Dr. Gary Altheim

Newfound Lake, a new found Me
My poem, my life, here you will See


A Miracle my book started on Newfound Lake
Finally, as many requested for goodness Sake

IMG_9098 - Version 2

 A Newfound Lake poem, a re-found me, please take a Look
A psychologist, photographer, poet and writer of Books


 Growing up on Newfound Lake, since going to Camp
I yearn to earn the Newfound poetry Stamp


Many life lessons I have learned Here
Tools I take with me when I am not Near


Smart people learn from their own Mistakes
Wise people from others their wisdom Take


The wise don’t need to make errors to See
They can learn from others, please take it from Me

WOTH color

As a child at age Eight
I came to Newfound Lake

Tomahawk Gary and MOm

As the Captain of the Blue Buccaneers Team
To the campers I was “the man” so it Seemed

GDS Tomahawk Captain Gary

My parents wanted to get rid of Me
For 2 months every summer you See

Portfolio 1973 Gary Camp Tomahawk

The need to replenish brought me back to Newfound
I was a carrying a weight, like that of a trillion Pound


So I said to myself I need to go back to that beautiful Place
Bring back my Chi and put a smile on my Face


What I miss very much is Theo and Nehri
Without them sometimes it’s hard to be Merry


This Newfound beauty is a place of Peace
On a quiet clear night all my troubles Cease


The sky and stars are spectacular, Unreal
Pause and look up, the source you can Feel


Newfound Lake, please help me give up my Will
Breathe, fresh air, relax, write, and sit Still


If I do that my bucket with energy I Fill
Chi, power from the earth, no need for a Pill


Overwhelmed by emotions as I settle at Coppertoppe
Rushing thoughts and feelings, my pen can’t Stop


Yesterday sunny, cold and Nice
Today, snow and fog cover the Ice


The lake is gorgeous either Way
Frozen or clear blue is what I Say



Emotions, I am very sensitive, I need a Gate
Injustices, politics, fraud, and narcissism I Hate


Atop Newfound Lake I was taught many a Thing
Inhale, Exhale, flow, Chi, spirituality and soon I am sure we will Sing


The car in front of me said Miracle on the Plate
A vacation for me after 7 years, follow the Bait

IMG_9098 - Version 2

Anything is possible even a vacation
The warrior in me needs salvation


Work, family, my life was Insanity
At Newfound now comes Serenity

IMG_9166 - Version 2

Newfound lake, still light enough I can just See
The Clouds, the plants, the mist, thru the Trees


Loving nature, Newfound Lake, it’s part of the Key
Learning, it’s all about you, and it’s all about me


Like First Nation cultures, today I did Learn
I am what I am, please be nice, don’t Discern

GDS Tomahawk Howie Kaplan Gary and stev hof

Camp Tomahawk inspired my Camp called Excel
Started when witnessing youth going through Hell

Excel hill

Inner-city kids never at a lake so they Tell
The sight of the wildlife we did not Sell


For the campers and families it’s Free
Just to get out of the city, nature to See

Camp photo 2009

Sing the Camp Cheer
Have no Fear


It’s safe to shed a Tear
Ohave means love, that’s our dog, he is Here!


He lies there on the living room Floor
Protecting his Gary and the Inn’s front Door

ohave and nehri

Learned all life has emotions, on this new-found-me Shore
The strength of the lake keeps my heart and soul to the Fore


Clouds of gray cover Newfound Lake’s Sky
For me a great place to play, cry, and live Free or Die


Nature’s spirit and beauty give you a natural High
Leaving is hard, be grateful, pull away, give a Sigh


In New Found Me, never-ending soul lessons Lie
On Newfound Lake, say Farewell,not Goodbye


A New Found Me! by Dr. Gary Altheim © 2/14/13